Wednesday, 9 June 2010

T-Shirts Sold Out

I am pleased to say that every T-shirt I ahve printed in final year has now sold out, that makes 103 all together and makes I should have made 700 pounds, unfortunately I have no idea where that money is.

PSS Voucher

Designs for a PSS 20% off voucher. I thought the top one had more impact but they thought the bottom one was more stylish, they were probably right.

PSS Bag photo

Also got round to taking some much better photographs of the PSS tote bag for my website, I've seen a couple of people in the city center wearing them which is good.

Newer PSS Mailshots

Quick update on some of the newer Paper scissor stone mailshots I think have worked well. I feel I've really got into a rhythm with them now, doing about 2 a week so they look nice and uniform and structured.

WKSP Site online

I've been playing around with Cargo for the last week and I think it's a great format to showcase work for Workshop, it's free with up to 12 projects which I think is great as for now we'll just keep updating, removing old work and keeping 12 projects online. We can always archive them elsewhere like on a blog.

WKSP Studio Photos (at last)

I finally got round to going to the studio to take a couple of photos yesterday so I could measure up to buy desks and things. I'm really happy with the space its perfect size, great natural light.

WKSP Newspaper

We've decided that we should do a quarterly newspaper to showcase the recent work of Workshop and we've just about finished the first one, its a cool and stylish way to keep people up to date or what we're doing.